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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nyxem: New disaster?

It turns out, the numbers of Nyxem worm infectees may be very inflated. Antivirus companies are basing the numbers on a counter on a web that the worm calls into when it infects. Each hit on that website ups the tally by one. The problem is, several antivirus companies published the URL used by the Nyxem worm in their virus descriptions. The URL is also listed in different SNORT rules. And each time someone visit the site to get the latest count, their visits also get counted in the tally. The end result: it is impossible to tell how many computera might really be infected with the Nyxem (aka Blackmal, Kama Sutra) Internet worm. Chances are, the very high numbers are nothing more than the result of curious users visiting the site to see the tally.


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