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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

SpreadFirefox Site Hacked, Data Leaked

The Mozilla foundation's marketing site was hacked with intent to use it to send spam.

The hackers gained entry by exploiting an un-patched security vulnerability in the software which the site operates.

A Mozilla representative on Friday confirmed that the attack took place over last weekend, but the breach was not discovered until Tuesday.

Asa Dotzler, engineer, Mozilla, posted this message on the site, "It doesn't look like the attacker accessed any personal data on the site, but to be safe, we're encouraging all of our users to log in and change their passwords."

Mozilla took the site down for a few days to investigate the implications behind the attack. The company also issued an e-mail alert to registered users on Thursday. The e-mail alert adds that the vulnerability has now been patched and that there is no danger of it being exploited again.

This incident is a major blow for the company that has been pushing Firefox as a safe browser in comparison to Internet Explorer. was launched in September 2004 as a part of the initiative to promote Firefox 1.0.

A statement issued by the company said that it deeply regretted the incident and that it has taken steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur again.


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