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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Data theft the old fashioned way

American soldiers' personal data has been stolen - but not by hackers. The American army confirmed on Monday that computers or hard drives had been stolen from Fort Carson army post in Colorado. The case is being investigated, but there are currently no suspects.

The equipment, which was stolen back in August, contained soldiers' social security numbers, and other personal information including data of birth, rank, unit and citizenship. The lost of this data potentially puts the army personnel at risk of identity theft. However, the soldiers and their families have been warned to keep an eye out for unusual activity on their bank and credit card accounts.

Additionally, those who are serving overseas have an 'active duty alert' placed on their credit records. This means that if anyone attempts to use the personal data of a soldier who is on active duty to apply for credit, the request has to be verified by law.


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